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Plataforma de educativa dedicada a formar a los

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Copia de What is the Circular Economy?

Copia de What is the Circular Economy?

A certified online course for all professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates who want to excel in the sustainability (CSR) profession.

This certified course will be of special interest to professionals who want to improve their skills and update their knowledge in CSR. The course provides practical information on the business case for sustainability and the importance of stakeholder engagement and presents the most important standard and guidelines and how to use them to design and implement a successful sustainability strategy in your organization.

    • A recognized Diploma

    • Deep understanding and practical updated knowledge on Corporate Sustainability

    • *NEW* The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Tools and Company Actions for Implementation

    • *NEW* Recorded Webinar on How to Avoid Greenwashing & Integrate the SDGs in your Sustainability Strategy & Reporting

    • Recorded Webinar on the Results of CSE’s Research on the Sustainability Reporting Trends in N. America (2017)

    • Specially designed for professionals who want advanced knowledge in order to meet rising internal & external stakeholders’ expectations

    • Examples, case studies and videos from companies such as Apple and others


Maken Sustainability Agency es un movimiento por el desarrollo sostenible, en donde el crecimiento esta basado en la prosperidad, las personas y el planeta.

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